We're coming back to life

Spring 2016

About Muskeg Press

A revivified company on the North Coast of B.C.
The creative presentation of ideas & information

Once upon a time, there was a small publishing house in Prince Rupert, B.C. After a few years of successful and not-so-successful ventures, it went on hiatus, waiting for the perfect moment to be revived.

Now, that moment has come. In Spring 2016, a new version of Muskeg Press will make itself known: an improved company that will endeavour to capture the magic that is felt between the creator and the beholder when an idea is presented in a creative way. Sometimes, this magic manifests itself in comprehension, sometimes in epiphany, and sometimes, in joy.

We're looking forward to sharing this magic with you.

  • Vision & design

    Interesting new products for enterprising writers & illustrators

  • Service

    Your idea will be guided into reality

  • Sales & Marketing

    We'll bring your product to the end customer

  • Quality

    Our products are meant to be shared, enjoyed, and admired